So here we are, 2015. When we left 1999 for 2000, my first thought was “Wow, we’re in the future now! But where the fuck are those flying cars? How come there is no hoverboard? And where do they hide all those jetpacks??” If anything, the first decade of the 2000s is a disappointment to me.

Funny, I never thought I will live this long to see the future becomes my present. Maybe I watched apocalyptic movies one too many. Or maybe I’m just one of those freaks who are longing for a global disaster so I can ride my dirtbike with a shotgun and a machete slung on my shoulder, riding through the wasteland.It can't rain all the time

Oh, well, everyone to everyone’s taste, I suppose.


Anyway, I ended 2014 in a bad shape, driving alone at the early hours of dawn for hundreds of miles. One pack of Dunhill were smoked down to the butts in 7.5 hours flat, just to keep me awake long enough until I reached my destination. And I didn’t start 2015 in a more pleasant way either. Ten hours of non-stop driving through the heavy new year traffic, a little arguments along the way, every limb and joint ached after repainting my house’s outer walls several days before, and I think, “No wonder people always fail to fulfill their new year resolution. With a first day this bad, who’d need the next day?”

As if that was not bad enough, I had to face the fact that another unpleasant thing was waiting to surprise me right in the corner. I had to learn that I have lost a loved one. And that, my friends, is no proper way to start a new year. All of these created the impression that I am a persona non grata in this Earth; somebody Mother Nature needs to eliminate and soon.


However, like any other sane person – AHEM! – I decided to go on anyway. Not to face the new year, as I always believe that time is simply one of those arbitrary things anyway, but to celebrate life. I think that’s a good reason as any to go on living and loving. After all, what else can you do about it? Besides, as said in that picture drawn by my friend Roel, it can’t rain all the time, can it? If this is Mother Nature’s way of launching her scorched earth tactics to me, the least that I can do is refusing to give up.

Isn’t it?


Oh, and on the way back, I passed through the mountainous area where my family country-house is. After all these years, that old house is still there, and the plantation circling it is also still around.




And so am I, of course. What do you expect?

~ by edwinlives4ever on January 6, 2015.

8 Responses to “IGNI FERROQUE”

  1. hang in there, tough guy. 2014 sucked big time for many of us.

  2. my horoscope says 2015 will be brilliant. so i am now a horoscope convert…

    • Until it’s proven otherwise? 😉

      • of course, then i go back to believing in nature spirits that are capricious and…delightful. we have to be careful about what we say about them.

        • Ah, I know better than that. I know all those spirits don’t exist. I know enough that ghosts and monsters don’t exist either. And naturally I know well enough to keep my feet clean before going to bed and make sure they’re well under my blanket so the ugly hairy one-eyed monster under my bed can’t grab them.

  3. Sorry about your loss. I, too, long for the day when I can wield the shotgun atop a merciless black dirt bike. Perhaps we shall meet in that happy world, weapons extended distrustfully at first, till with a barely perceptible glint of the eye we each silently agree to eliminate the other’s pursuers, two eerily similar bands of pitchfork wielding farmers who clamor on doggedly in our respective dust choked wakes.

  4. Your words are so touching!… They truly got deep into me…
    I love the ending lines when you say: ” decided to go on anyway. Not to face the new year, as I always believe that time is simply one of those arbitrary things anyway, but to celebrate life. I think that’s a good reason as any to go on living and loving”…. I am with you!, very well said!.
    All the best to you ⭐ Aquileana~

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