One Character, Three Actors

Pretty busy these days with the Crystal Symphony coming to Semarang, so I don’t have much time for details. Thanks to the method I applied, using a brush with cut tip, I was able to do this pretty quickly.


One memorable characters, three superb actors.




Can you tell who they are? 😉



~ by edwinlives4ever on December 8, 2014.

14 Responses to “One Character, Three Actors”

  1. Yang kiri mirip Sherlock Holmes 😀

  2. yang kanan yang main di serialnya yah? namanya susah 😀

  3. Sherlock. cucumber, My Lovely Robert Downy Jr and…. who’s the other one?

  4. yang jadi sherlock versi US ya? yang barengan Lucy Liu?

  5. eh Elementary itu Sherlock bukan sih? HAhahaha

  6. I thought that a person such a Sherlock doesn’t exist in real life, until I meet a man who act, think, and having network such Sherlock and Mycroft. A little bit or huge difference maybe, it can be a bias, but still, those kinda of abductive reasoning does work for many cases.

    • Well, then, just remember that Sherlock was created by Doyle based on the real life Joseph Bell, Henry Littlejohn, and Doyle himself. So that person you met is an interesting case of real life imitating art imitating real life…

      • Exactly. That composite character does exist. He taught me the basic logic of meet the deductive with inductive, for any case, quite simple but sharp indeed. Actually those kinda basic skills are taught at formal school, the deductive mostly for math, and inductive for statistic, or any empirical based study case. Now I understand the genius level of the creator of Sherlock, Dilbert, or Calvin/ Hobbes 😀

  7. Mr Holmes, of course. I recognise mr Cumberbach, Mr Downey Jr, however the other lucky sod eludes me.

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