FOR MENIK, by Aji Prasetyo

One of the reasons why I post this short comic is to remember our late Janang. Aji made this comic, knowing there’s no money in it, because Janang successfully influenced him to make this comic for the now-defunct comic magazine Komedo.

Janang and his revolutionary thoughts is worth remembering. However, I also want people to remember the events and people depicted in this story.

Remember what they fought for. Remember what they died for.





















True to their ideals, they have kept their promise.

Can you?

Will you?

~ by edwinlives4ever on March 27, 2013.

16 Responses to “FOR MENIK, by Aji Prasetyo”

  1. akhirnya sedih…

  2. I cannt read comic, Sir 😦
    it has to be me, i dont know why. But as long as my live i just once read comic, and i cannt finish it, haha

    • Try to look at it this way: it’s just like reading a novel, but with graphic to make describing the scene easier.

      Come to think of it, remember that all forms of writings as we know it today came from drawing, which evolved into symbols and in turn into the alphabets.

  3. aahh why so sad.. aji like sad ending..
    menik to be continued?

  4. seruuuu….. tapi sad ending….

    • As I said to Febbie, yes, it’s kinda sad if you only look at Hadi’s death. It’s a good thing to know that Menik is alive and has grown into a fine young woman.

  5. Friend. i’m rajkumar ur friend from india. Our multiply sites deleted. Today i discoverd your site. Your lot of the comics ”my fav” blueberry, xiii, tintin, missing!

  6. *snif*

    Mbok kalo mau reborn lagi, omong2… Udah punya akte lahir blom?

  7. *snif*

    Kalau mau reborn, mbok ya bilang-bilang… Sudah punya akte lahr blum?

  8. Where do you keep your .pdf comic collection Oom ? Yeah, we meet again here 😀

    • All my pdf files are in my several external hard-drives. I’m still looking for a good and user-friendly file hosting service to start all over again.

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