My Graphic Novel Project » Duryodhana006

Chapter 1 Page 6

3 Responses to “Duryodhana006”

  1. woah tanggung ga ada sambungannya.. ujungnya kecewa nih..

  2. ternyata duryudana mau juga ya berkelana melihat keadaan rakyatnya

    • Well, based on my research, Duryodhana was a popular king among his people. Today some moderate Hindu scholars see Duryodhana as a powerful and capable emperor. By believing that his father (as the oldest son) should have been the Emperor but was denied this right due to his blindness, Duryodhana actually fought for his father’s right as the heir of the throne rather than his own.

      Duryodhana was NOT a cruel or unjust ruler since Mahabharata makes no mention that the subjects of Hastinapura were oppressed by their king. In fact he ruled his subjects fairly and kept them happy. Duryodhana is worshiped as the main deity today at Poruvazhy Peruviruthy Malanada Temple in Kerala’s Kollam district, and in Kumaon region of Uttranchal, he is worshiped as a minor deity. These facts support my premise that he is depicted as a villain simply because he lost the war.

      Victors write history.

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