My Graphic Novel Project

So I’m uploading several early pages of the graphic novel

I’m trying to finish, My Name Is Duryodhana, again. These pages used to be posted in Multiply, but I’ve deleted them all.

There are several new pages I’ve made in addition to these early pages, but I’m still not satisfied enough with the result. Maybe I’ll post the rest here after I conclude the final first chapter of the story.

Chapter 1 Page 1

Chapter 1 Page 1

Chapter 1 Page 2

Chapter 1 Page 2

Chapter 1 Page 3

Chapter 1 Page 3

Chapter 1 Page 4

Chapter 1 Page 4

Chapter 1 Page 5

Chapter 1 Page 5

Chapter 1 Page 6

Chapter 1 Page 6

So when will I finish this graphic novel? That’s not really the question, I’m afraid. The correct question should be “When will I start working on this project again?” and that’s really a difficult question to answer.

Anyway, somebody told me once, “Start working on that graphic novel again. You have to finish it before you die!”

Well, I’ve died three times already, and I’ve always returned (seriously). So eventually the graphic novel will be completed.

Just don’t ask me when.

~ by edwinlives4ever on December 1, 2012.

9 Responses to “My Graphic Novel Project”

  1. kereeennn.. jadi tau alasan kenapa si duryodana itu jadi tokoh antagonis di mahabrata 🙂

  2. woah ternyata duryodhana bodinya kaya rambo.. *salahfokus..

    jadi komiknya blom selese nih? suka deh bagian narasi ala selembar kertas bergulung..

    • Well, you can blame Erwin for that. This project was started as my answer to Erwin’s challenge. I agreed with one condition: NO DEADLINE.

      • keren ada tantangan tanpa deadline..
        mana linknya m.erwin.. pengen ikut juga.. ceritanya harus tentang duryodhana?
        [padahal ga sejago m.edwin deh ngegambarnya]

        • That challenge is only meant for me. I’ve deleted the original post in Multiply, but it was when Erwin and I did a “sketching-duel”. After several sketches were done and posted in our own pages, he challenged me to make a graphic novel. I agreed, with that condition: NO DEADLINE.

  3. too bad … you need somebody who can give you a kick start …

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